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Sit up and take notice of the new kids in town

Every once in a while a band comes and is hailed as the 'saviours of rock' or the new Led Zep, and often it's hot air. The band already has a cult-like status in their hometown for their sold-out and badass live shows. Tenessee heavyweights Naked Gypsy Queens certainly have the riffs and the melodies to make you take notice.

The five-track EP is an epic showcase of their live energy, unbridled guitar work, layered percussion, stadium-worthy vocals and brain drilling melodies. There's a comforting redolence in their 60s and 70s inspired rock and heavy metal tones, but they are not trying to emulate what has gone before.

'Down to the Devil' and 'Wolves' both have that familiar feel, but there's plenty of originality in the arrangements to put a new spin on things. 'If Your Name's New York (Then Mine's Amsterdam) is an electro-acoustic epic album closer that shows NGQ are a different beast: it's an impressive way to leave us hanging.

The main criticism of the EP, is that it's an EP: it's too short - but then again good things come in small packages and it's a very exciting example of a band to watch out for. 'Georgiana' might be small, but it's a mighty debut release.


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