Updated: Aug 16, 2020

An astounding performance in London from the best blues vocalists of her generation.


8th February 2020

Dressed in white for her London concert, Beth Hart embodied the idea of the femme fatal: a seductive and mysterious woman who reels in her admirers and leads them into uncharted and dangerous territories. In the case of Hart, it's though her siren song and her turbulent storytelling that she seduces and enraptures the listener. It's this talent that has made her the best blues singer of her generation, and an artist at the very top of her game. There's no doubt that she can hook you in with whatever she sings, and have you doing her bidding in just a few bars – be that a jubilant celebration of life, or crushing your heart with the brutal honesty of her music. There's also a hint of danger from the characters she presents like the sassy woman in Bad Woman Blues or the prostitute in Sugar Shack.

She begins her show by walking through the auditorium singing There In Your Heart, interacting with the crowd as she goes. This isn't for effect: it's a vital connection between audience and performer that is needed to support each other through this exchange of experiences.