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The New York quintet take on the British invasion

Hollis Brown have chosen to celebrate The Rolling Stone's first album of all original material, by making an album of covers. 'In The Aftermath' is the result of a grueling 24 hour, whisky fuelled, recording session to pay tribute to American roots and blues music.

Doing an album of covers is nothing new to Hollis Brown, having previously released 'Get Loaded' – an ode to Velvet Underground's 'Loaded.' This time Hollis Brown shake up the 1966 mono sound of the Stones, adding contemporary guts to a retro shell.

Record highlights are 'Paint it Black' which becomes a lo-fi, grungy effort and 'Lady Jane' is delivered with sensitivity and sincerity: both are are worthy versions that should become staples in HB live sets. 'Going Home' has the raw, unbridled energy that you associate with HB, but had that maniacal feeling of sleep deprivation as the track draws to a frenetic close.

Although the musicianship and the brass neck for taking on epic albums can't be sniffed at, ultimately this is an album for die-hard fans and collectors. There's not enough here to stop peeps from putting on the original record in preference to an album of very good facsimiles. It would have been more interesting to follow their superb 'Ozone Park' with a 24-hour alcohol-fuelled recording binge of new material and maybe the odd cover.


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