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We chat with Adamo Fiscella, the singer/songwriter behind industrial electro outfit, Ghostatic about his latest music.

TELL US A LITTLE BIT ABOUT YOUR NEW ALBUM Deep, dark, and long overdue. It’s a tornado of industrial, synthetic, acoustic, and raw elements all in one. Mostly built around my vocals. I’m sitting on an album, but only releasing singles until I see a benefit to releases an album of extremely hard work (i.e. label deal) knowing that much would fall on deaf ears… or no ears. HOW DID YOU GO ABOUT THE SONGWRITING PROCESS? I tend to write and arrange melodies and rhythms in my head, I just wrote and arranged a song in a dream I had. I immediately recorded it. The process varies, widely. WHAT INSPIRED THE ALBUM? Usually, blind ignorance of others and at times, myself. Inspiration also came and still comes from Impatience. Thinking of everything I ever wanted and the things I have. Wishing I had it all, and knowing it will never be enough. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE TRACK? Always the latest track I release. In this case, Catastrophic Love.

WHO ARE YOUR BIGGEST INFLUENCES? Trent, Maynard, Jerry, Jared, Mr. Lindskog, Chino, Phaeleh, and life. WHAT RECORD CHANGED YOUR LIFE?

Downward Spiral. In every way. It also made me realize that I could do it all myself. WHAT WOULD YOU BE DOING IF YOU DIDN'T MAKE MUSIC? Anti-inspirational speaker. Cult leader. Something along those lines. WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO RECORD ONE OF YOUR SONGS, AND WHICH ONE? I want Jerry Cantrell to lay the guitars down, have Bob Ezrin and Rob Swire help produce, and I want Kill The Noise to voluntarily remix it. A new song nothing I’ve already done. HOW DID YOU FORM THE BAND? It took a long time to find all the right people. As luck would have it, it turns out they are all in my head. WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO ANYONE STARTING OUT? DON’T if you don’t have patience and passion. If you do have these qualities. Teach yourself what you want to know. Don’t follow a curriculum. Reinvent yourself but stay true to yourself. WHAT IS NEXT? I’ll give you a clue: There’s “No Turning Back”

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