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Hungary's metal frontrunners, EKTOMORF, release their brand new album offering, titled Vivid Black, via powerhouse label AFM Records. Available as CD, Vinyl and Digital formats, the pre-sale has just started at THIS LOCATION!


'Vivid Black' marks not only the already fourteenth studio album by EKTOMORF, but their most brutal and darkest to date! Even after almost 30 years of an impressive career, with chart-topping album releases and countless, international tours under their belt, the band proves to sound more intense, merciless and honest than ever before.

The Corona pandemic has left its mark on the world. This was also the case with singer and guitarist Zoltàn Farkas. Due to isolation and loss, he had to fight with depression, which he processes on 'Vivid Black'. Written in only three (!) weeks, this hateful piece of art will bang directly into yours ears and in an obscure way, gives comfort to anyone who had similar emotional difficulties during the lockdowns. At the same time, Vivid Black is a personal reckoning with everything and everyone who stirs up hate and forces people to be something they are not and do not want to be. The band's forthcoming record marks a new, honest and insanely brutal album from EKTOMORF, so better get ready for the destruction that is 'Vivid Black'!.

A first single, the fierce album opening track "I'm Your Last Hope (The Rope Around)", has just been unleashed. The song is now available on all digital services HERE


"Vivid Black is the darkest and angriest album I wrote in my entire life," the EKTOMORF frontman reveals. "There is nothing beautiful or even nice about the songs, this album is about pain, hate, anger, disappointment of ungrateful people I had to know. In this part of my life, and also the dark time facing loosening my Mother in long and painful sickness, I truly hate this world, no light left in me. 

Vivid Black is all I am. And this record will show what I feel, with all the heaviness and anger."


On 'Vivid Black'EKTOMORF return to their music roots while bringing entirely new elements to light, including clear vocal passages and a modern metal sound. The iconic band remains a fixture in the European metal scene even after more than three decades, their relentless style and dedication are unmatched. With their forthcoming album and an unwavering passion, they will continue to dominate stages worldwide and get people headbanging around the globe, from small clubs to the biggest festivals. EKTOMORF prove, that music and the passion for what they do never cease.


'Vivid Black' was produced by Zoltàn Farkas and longtime friend and renowned producer Tue Madsen. The cover artwork was created by Bramantya Ardhy Wardhana. Pre-order your copy of this must-have, brutal album banger HERE!


Vivid Black track listing:

01 - I'm Your Last Hope (The Rope Around Your Neck)

02 - Die

03 - Never Be the Same Again

04 - I Don't Belong to You

05 - Fade Away

06 - You and Me

07 - Vivid Black

08 - The Best of Me

09 - You Belong There

10 - REM


For More Info Visit:



Zoltàn Farkas (Vocals, Guitar)

Szebasztián Simon (Guitar)

Csaba Zahorán (Bass)

Dániel Szabó (Drums)


EKTOMORF Live 2024:

28.02. - PL - Szczecin, Krzywy Gryf

29.02. - PL - Warszawa, VooDoo Club

01.03. - LT - Vilnius, Vakaris Pramogų salė

02.03. - ET - Tallinn, Paavli Kultuurivabrik

03.03. - LE - Rīga, Klub Republika

04.03. - PL - Białystok, 6-Ścian

05.03. - PL - Kraków, Garage Pub

06.03. - DE - Erfurt, From Hell

07.03. - DE - Berlin, ORWOhaus

08.03. - DE - Cham, L.A. Live Style Cafe

09.03. - DE - Stuttgart, Im Wizemann

10.03. - DE - Hamburg, Logo

11.03. - tba

12.03. - tba

13.03. - DE - Magdeburg, Factory

14.03. - DE - Siegburg, Kubana

15.03. - DE - Weinheim, Club Central

16.03. - CH - Aarburg, Musigburg

17.03. - DE - Übach-Palenberg, Rockfabrik

18.03. - DE - Hannover, Subkultur

19.03. - DE - Göttingen, Musa Saal

20.03. - DE - Konstanz, Kulturladen

21.03. - BE - Bilzen, South of Heaven

22.03. - DE - Leipzig, Hellraiser

23.03. - DE - Selb, Rockclub

24.03. - DE - Osnabrück, Westwerk

25.03. - DE - Düsseldorf, Pitcher

26.03. - DE - Bremen, Tower Musikclub

27.03. - DE - Essen, Zeche Carl

28.03. - DE - München, Backstage

29.03. - AT - Wörgl, Komma

30.03. - CZ - Brno, Fléda Club

31.03. - CZ - Liberec, Bunkr Club

01.04. - CZ - Ostrava, Garage Club

02.04. - SK - Košice, Collosseum Club

03.04. - SL - Bracɪslava, Randal Club

04.04. - CH - Frauenfeld, Eisenwerk

05.04. - SI - Maribor, MC Pekarna Kulturni Klub

06.04. - HU - Bèkèscsaba, Csabagyöngye


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