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Boundary-breaking Thai alt-metal outfit DEFYING DECAY have returned with the release of their new single 'Cloud', accompanied by a superbly-shot ethereal music video. Mixed by Zakk Cervini (Bring Me The Horizon, Blink-182, Yungblud), and available in Dolby Atmos, the track is the third to be released from their new album, due later this year.

On the new single, vocalist and guitarist Jay Euarchukiati comments:

"Like all cycles in life there is a zenith and a fallout. 'Clouds' portrays a man in the pinnacle of his success and his struggle to stay atop. In this new record, the band take an experimental approach together with Thai pop icon Violette Wautier. This song marks an official step in exploring pop music as a new direction for the band, akin to chasing the clouds - the seemingly impossible, but determined to achieve. Unapologetically so.”

The new single follows on from the previously released fight-club style music video for '21 Stitches' and 'System of Sinners'.


Coming back from numerous sold out shows across the Wurst Vacation Tour with slashercore titans Ice Nine Kills, DEFYING DECAY are well known for their outstanding performances, labeled as a “must-see band”. 'Clouds' sees DEFYING DECAY challenge their own comfort zone and ignoring the stereotype, claiming new fanbases in their wake. Most importantly, it proves that they are willing the destroy the label of “heavy band” from time to time. Also featuring guest vocals from Thai-Belgian pop icon, Violette Wautier, who has sold out huge arena shows and toured numerous shows in Thailand. The lyrics explore the idea of running away from life, hiding all the pain and feelings in order to live another day. The music video displays a post-modern version of the infamous "Bonnie and Clyde" narrative. In an unexpected twist, Defying Decay's band members play the villains, pursuing the couple who have stolen their vintage car, a pursuit that ends in a tragic car crash.

Thai metallers DEFYING DECAY was formed in Bangkok, Thailand in 2010 and have been garnering plenty of praise for their heavy and melodic sound that includes ambient electronics and soaring melodies. After releasing their jaw-dropping, establishment-challenging rebellious anthem ‘The Law 112’, the band also released new singles 'System of SInners' and ’21 Stitches’.

With a boutique market for its brand of alternative metal in its home country, the seven-member band springs on touring overseas. Throughout the years, they are seen on the road with bands like Motionless In White, Emmure, Betraying the Martyrs, Crown The Empire, and Atreyu, enabled them to pave the way of growing their own fanbase across the globe, through their own authentic narrative of their journey as the alt-metal outfit of Thailand. Soon they will be on the road again, with Saosin on their long-anticipated Asia tour since 2010, and Indonesia’s heavy rock carnival Hammersonic Festival, and the honour of opening for their heroic act Trivium at their home.


Single Artwork - Dan Barkle

Band Members:

Jay Poom Euarchukiati - vocals, guitars

Ponn - guitars

Søng Chitipat - guitars

Jennie Natanich Bunsila - keys, synth

Mark Mironov - drums

Bunnbnnn - turntable, samples

Itthiphol Pleng Thongboonma - bass


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