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The first-ever collaborative album from Samantha Fish and Jesse Dayton, ‘Death Wish Blues’ combines Fish's explosive guitar work and Dayton's varied background that has seen him play with Johhny Cash, play in a punk band and even work with Rob Zombie.

Their reverb heavy, skuzzy sound makes the album ripe for a soundtrack album from Tarantino or Rodriguez. It's filled with dirty, noirish, bluesy tones that conjure up images of dust bowl America, bar room fights, beer soaked floors and probably sexy blood sucking vampires, with Colt 45s and Harley's. The Title 'Dead Man's Blues' adds further credence to the badass vibe.

‘Riders’, ‘Down In The Mud’ and ‘ Flooded Love’ are tracks where the album excels. Both Fish and Dayton pretty much share the vocals and guitars, both giving attitude and sass in equal measure as they go on a tour of American music from rockabilly to funk to Americana, blues and country.

The atmosphere they create on the album barely lets up, there's a few tracks where the swagger drops, but this is a renegade ‘Supadupabad,’ album.


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