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Danko Jones bleeds rock, sweats rock, hell, judging by the content of his songs he probably expels rock at the height of passion. Any kind of rock will do so long as it's loud, obnoxious, sexy and fun.

I Gotta Rock starts the album with an agitated proclamation of musical frustration. As Danko bounces off the walls with venom and desire dripping from every pour in maniacal desperation. The frantic repetition of the chorus is like a mantra that by the end of the track your nails will be dug into the chair, itching to get some of what the mighty Danko Jones is on. My Little RnR is a lascivious ode to his latest conquest and nicknaming her after his favourite genre is a pretty big compliment. As the lead single from the album, it encompasses that unchained spirit that has made Danko's shows a must see wherever he plays. The Thin Lizzy inspired track You're My Woman is as 'tame' as this album gets, but it's delivered with such authority that Danko's charm will be reeling the ladies in like the pied piper.

Do This Every Night brings in a more gritty, aggression to the album thanks to the weighty percussion of John Calabrese and Rich Knox. Wild Cat continues with a ballsy punk riff that's every bit as wild as the title suggests. Danko's suggestive guitar work and even more libidinous vocals building to a climatic roar as he bellows “dig your claws into me.” The final section of the album is a one track mind in terms of content from animistic passion to a frenzy of 60s style luvin'. Success In Bed puts the reverse spin on the previous encounter “let me love you like a man” he growls. “Don't stress, undress. Let me take the lead” he urges in another rhythmic rock grind. Revolution (But Then We Make Love) wraps the album up with a Hendrix-inspired tryst.

The music of Danko Jones is strident, childish and immature and that's why it's so engaging. He loves the music so much that he's like a kid in a candy store bouncing around after a lorry load of E numbers. His childlike enthusiasm for the genre never quite gets beyond puberty, there's the vibe of drunken frat boys, sweaty bars, dirty girls, bloody brawls and dirty girls that run through every song on the album and that's part of its appeal. Wild Cat is a spitting, exhausting rollercoaster of seductive high-octane riffs, torrid drums and voluptuous basslines; it's so full-on that your neighbours will probably need a cigarette once Danko has finished ravishing you.

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