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Italian alt-rock act Codice EGO have revealed their new single ‘Rainbow’s End’, the first track taken from their upcoming EP of the same name, which has been mixed by Hugo Nicolson (Bjork, Primal Scream, Radiohead). The darkly tragic single welcomes singer Giulia Oddi as a full time member, and is their first under the care of manager Stephen Budd (Tony Visconti, Gang Of Four, Heaven 17, The Magic Numbers).

Following the journey of band member Dario Pelizzari as he navigates the upending of his life by a sudden health problem at the beginning of the pandemic, ‘Rainbow’s End’ finds him at his lowest; the meeting point of two stories separating what he was before, and his unseen future. Being held in isolation at the start of lockdown in a country that was affected so severely - and so early - by COVID, Dario’s mind crept towards the darkest places of the human psyche, as he lost his house, relationship and his grip on everything he held dear.

With support and intervention from fellow band member Ivan Principato, Codice EGO were able to find a way back into the studio, creating the upcoming EP as an outlet to express the turmoil experienced.

‘Rainbow’s End’ sees the band deviate from the largely instrumental, filmic and incredibly atmospheric music of their previous three albums, into a visceral and hard-edged industrial sound that still incorporates elements of varying genres and challenges to conventional music.

The lyrics throughout the EP were co-authored by famed Italian author and poet Luca Ragagnin, whose work with bands such as Delta V and Subsonica is greatly admired by Dario and the other band members. Codice EGO embrace inspirations from a diverse range of sources – from science fiction movies to comic books – and have created something dramatic and narrative-driven for this release, with Dario comparing his situation at the time to “the character of a post-apocalyptic wanderer, travelling through a desolate wasteland in search of meaning in a world where everything has been lost”.

Collaborating with director Luca Marinuzzi, the saturated greyscale video depicts what Dario describes as, “a scenario in which a man tries to find the cure for something unknown, but we can see it is not that easy. We have to struggle with so many things, inside and outside ourselves, and the video is a kind of metaphor for how we felt during the last pandemic; closed for weeks in our apartments wishing for a better ending. The video was filmed in Turin at the end of the summer, under a blood red sky, closed in a small and dark room where no rainbows could see."


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