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Blackberry Smoke 'Be Right Here' review: Southern rockers channel the golden days

Blackberry Smoke's eighth album is another consistent outing of country rock. 'Be Right Here' has the band once more writing strong melodies and solid southern rock Allman-style riffs. They've long been known for reviving the halcyon days of classic rock, and they continue to be committed to their mission on the album.

If harking back to the 60s and 70s rock scene wasn't enough, there’s a peace and love vibe that weaves through the album giving it a laid-back poppy feel. There’s also a nostalgic element to the album, you can’t help feeling from tracks like ‘Hammer and the Nail’ and ‘ Like it Was Yesterday’ that the band are harking back to simpler times. Ballad ‘Barefoot Angel’ sums this up : “ man can show worry when life’s in a hurry .”

‘Dig a Hole’ sets the scene with a typically Blackberry Smoke style chorus and a country twang from vocalist Charlie Starr. ‘If I could be Lucky’ speaks of gratitude. 'Other Side of the Light' is a well-constructed country track about childhood fear of the dark, comfort and being optimistic. It’s a great metaphor for riding out the storm. 

'Be Right Here' might not have many big gutsy riffs, or be a rollercoaster of southern rock. It's probably a tad schmaltzy in places as an album, but that’s exactly what we need: self-love, compassion for each other, and believing that better days are ahead. 


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