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Old school rules

The latest release from Too Many Ts is decidedly modern and bang on trend, yet it has a retro appeal that ultimately gives it a timeless quality. This is partly thanks for the collaborative nature of the album, which features appearances from Djar One, Chinese Man, Pumpkin and FORM. Using some of Europe’s underground rap artists makes sure no two tracks are the same. At times it jumps around a bit too much, giving the record a hyperactive quality. Expect pulsating beats, killer samples and plenty of lyrical weaving along the way.

The album shows TMT’s jovial nature but also contains some in ya face tropes of sex and drugs and plenty of low swung swagger. Despite hitting marks to please audiences the band do use their attitude to make more serious points on our society on tracks like Earth is F-Cked (“it’s too polluted to produce the sushi”) and Everyday People. Interlude features some impressive beatboxing with MB14, guesting. It’s perhaps annoyingly short, and despite the track name, shows the diversity on offer.

As second albums go TMT have raised the bar and nailed their old school colours to the mast.


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