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Authentic southern rock with a contemporary twang

The debut album from the Thunderbolt is a diesel-soaked, affair where you can taste the sweat, and feel the toil of backbreaking work: something the 5 piece from the agricultural town of Rome, Georgia know all about. 'Can We Get A Witness' is built on a bed of authentic southern rock with a souped-up feel to make it fit a more contemporary mould. They are more rootsy than southern stablemates Blackstone Cherry and Cadillac Three, with some of the most refreshing harmonies to come out of the genre for some time.

The Thunderbolts seem uninterested in trying to cross-genre styles, and more concerned with carrying the torch on a much-loved rock subgenre. This is an album that keeps things real with songs like 'Midnight Rider' and Spirit of A Working Man'. 'Take it Slow' has the southern stomp of the Tony Joe White track 'Steamy Windows' (written for Tina Turner) and 'Dancing With The Devil' is an anthemic track with a nod to Lynard Skynard. They even cover Frankie Miller's 'Be good To Yourself'.

This is a salt of the earth album from an exciting and committed band.


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