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Celebrating the passion, talent and power of the G man

Hard to believe that it's been 25 years since Rory Gallagher left us for the great gig in the sky, but thankfully his family and fans have worked hard to keep his legacy alive for a new generation. To mark this milestone it was perhaps inevitable that there would be another greatest hits release.

There's no live material that would complete the set and show the full extent of his range, but as far as compilation albums go it's one of the better ones to have been released. This album picks some of his best studio work. There's old favourites like 'Moonchild and Bad Penny', but this comprehensive 2 disc album also has tracks from Rory’s first band Taste and a rare outtake recording of '(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction' recorded as part of Jerry Lee Lewis’ famous 1973 'London Sessions'.

Of course his blues rock playing with a mean slide guitar is perhaps what springs to mind when you first think of Gallagher's playing, but this album also encompasses his versatility. Rootsy tracks like 'Our of My Mind' and 'Just the Smile' show a simplicity with story telling and instrumentation. 'I Fall Apart' and 'I'm Not Awake Yet' show his skill as a powerful blues master, but it's less obvious tracks like the jazzy 'It's Happened Before, It'll Happen Again' from Taste's 1970’s 'On The Boards' LP that impress because they are so unexpected.

As far as compilation albums go, this album captures the power, talent and passion of Gallagher. It's a solid base for new fans and a welcome journey through his career for long time followers. 25 years after his untimely death at the age of 47, the music of Rory Gallagher is still just as potent as it has always been.

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