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Space Rock gets a 2020 reboot

Recorded during the Covid pandemic, Thinking in Stereo feels as though it's been created during a time of uncertainty. Much of Solaris' work is structured around science fiction and this album combines the final frontier with the brave new world to create a feeling of confusion and stepping into the abyss.

'The Fountain' exudes trepidation, leaving the old world behind and venturing into the unknown. It's not bleak, but it is cautious. 'Magnetic Rose' has a Muse vibe with ethereal, rueful vocals combined with a heavy drum and electronic texture to add to the futuristic feel. 'Deckard's Dream' and 'Area 51' give further congruence to their space saga themes while tracks like 'Black Rainbow' aim to keep things grounded.

While it's not space rock 1960s style: the songs are too short for that and lack the instrumental breaks, but there's certainly that feel. Solaris play with the percussion of alt-rock and otherworldly soundscapes with prog and electronica. It's psychedelic, experimental and cinematic, but feels as though it yearns to spread its wings and develop more in this direction. The duo (Nate Gibson -vocals, lyrics and Rich Carey - music, mixing) behind this album shouldn't feel the need to hold back - somewhere in a zero-gravity acid trip, the music of Solaris is blaring out.

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