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The 14 year old singer songwriter continues to show her talent on her latest release 'Covers EP 1'. Stepping away from her usual electronic pop sound to all encompassing ethereal alt pop.

The 4 track EP is short and sweet, with a wistful cover of Radiohead's 'Presence Tense' , a heartfelt rendition of The Marias 'I Don't Know You', a hypnotic take on Mac DeMarco's 'My Kind of Woman' and a beautifully low fi version of Alex G's 'Change'.

Lalor's appeal is using the purity of her vocal to create music as she feels it in the moment, rather than attempting to be 14 going on 19 and forcing her voice and by default her own style. Clearly she's tapping into her influences here and no doubt there will be a 'Covers 2' where she continues to honour the musicians she admires.

Patricia Lalor has been compared to Billie Eilish and is certainly a musician to keep an eye on as she continues to develop as an artist.


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