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Too much coffee and plenty of electro-pop from the Stockholm based musician

We all know those nights when your brain keeps firing off in all directions, however uncomfortable, leaving us exhausted, lost and questioning everything. Mountain Bird's latest release is inspired by the timeless battle between the brain, sleep and the notion of self.

Hiding Under Water, kicks things off with one such night. The accompanying electro beat conjures up insomnia, while the lyrics talk of self-doubt and the struggle to fight off those demons.

Clean From You is a bittersweet ballad that deals with lost love in a tender and desperate way. Tears Won't Get Me Anywhere and the lead single, 5 Years, hint at a building optimism while continuing with the restless soundtrack that evokes quiet desperation.

Mountain Bird's lyrics may be about the tragic and the sad side of life but Dearbrainletmesleep is ultimately an empowering listen. It captures inner pain and turmoil from inside and out and encourages us to find a way out of the dark.


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