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Songs From a Happy Winter shows us some cool uke

Anyone who's seen Marc Gallagher's ukulele covers on YouTube (or seen him busking or performing live for that matter) will know there's something about the uke twang and Marc's personality that give him an instant appeal. If you're not familiar with his self-penned work, his new album is a good place to start. The songs were written on the road in 3 months, including a spell in Berlin where Marc spent a month and penned two songs in German; which will certainly appeal to his fanbase there.

On his fourth album, Marc has moved away from the melancholia of Songs From a Shit Summer and found inspiration from travelling, meeting friends and love. There's also an evolution here in terms of musical maturity as Marc looks back on the last decade that had helped shaped him as an artist on 10 Years That Made Me. All Came Back Around written for a friend but carries a profound message of hope in bleak times.

At the halfway point, Fly Away siphons the structure of the three-minute pop songs and delivers it with a breezy 90s feel that makes it one of the albums highlights. The Hound From Bailey Lane is shanty song about an abandoned dog he rescued. It's another upbeat track on this album, repeat with some of Marc's trademark wordsmithery. Aside from the nod to folk and pop, Marc also proves to be a worthy balladeer on Mademoiselle.

Songs from A Happy Winter Album is an uplifting and optimistic musical journey where Marc shows us there's a brighter side to life; even if we may sometimes have to go through our own Shit Summer to get there.


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