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Ladyshark return with their unique brand of political punk-pop

New York trio, Ladyshark, bring the punk spirit into the new decade with a rallying cry of woke issues and social injustices. This is an album that encompasses it all, from toxic masculinity to gender identities, inequality for women in the music industry to concerns over gun violence. If that wasn’t enough Ladyshark turn their zeal for humanitarian issues towards the world and their concerns about wildlife in the punchy track Lonely Shark.

It’s not preachy or virtue signalling, the concerns are valid and often personal. Any politics is cleverly wrapped up in a package of pop-punk. It’s clear that the Ladyshark team spend as much time worrying about the world as they do making music - they’ve just found a way to cram their concerns into freedom of expression and a kick-ass attitude.

The DIY vibe with scuzzy basslines, raw-edged out of faze guitar and a dynamic drum sound (courtesy of award-winning percussionist Jane Boxall) is a compliment to the Siouxsie style vocals of Sarah Vardy, and it's all balanced with lyrics that deal with modern issues. It's clear that 40 plus years on, some things still haven't changed socially and the dynamism of punk as a musical genre to advocate change is still very much a magnet for the poet rebels with a cause.

Good Stuff is an album that ultimately strives for the creation of a better world, as reflected in the catchy title track. "Give me some of that good stuff. It’s much better when we treat each other with love."

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