Updated: Jan 23

Guitar hero gives his debut album a makeover

In the last two decades since his debut, blues guitar supremo, Joe Bonamassa, always seems to be unleashing something creative into the world: studio albums, live albums, singles, collaborations. His recent convey-belt approach to releases is impressive by anyone's standards. His fans are showered with new material with such regularity that must make the saintly patience of Kate Bush's fans green (we're still waiting!) Output envy aside, Bonamassa's latest release is a spruced-up version of his 2000 debut. A New Day Yesterday has been remixed, retitled and remastered by long time producer Kevin Shirley and includes bonus tracks and new vocals recorded by Joe, which certainly add more maturity to the work.

Shirley has revitalized the album in his unique sonic style: it's more punchy and the sound balances have been altered to come in line with much of Bonamassa's other work. Cradle Rock now jumps out of the stereo in a way that only Rory Gallagher could equal. Miss You Hate You, like most of the tracks also benefits from Shirley's gloss. But the question is, was all this work necessary?