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Namedropping Skeletor, singing about smelly trees for cars it can only be Slug and Murs

In the eleven years since their last album, time has given the Slug and Murs an opportunity to reflect and grow. Felt 4 U is a surprise album that doesn't disappoint, but is certainly different from the sound that has gone before. The schoolboy humour has shifted according to maturity and society. There's still a playful glimmer there on tracks like Through the Night, but these days the rhymes are more pertinent. Stick and Stones is a powerful commentary on gun and knife crime. Underwater (ft Blimes) is about rekindling passion with a loved one in between the daily grind.

There's still bags of attitude here, but there's a sense of what's important in life rather than playing to expectations and pop/gang culture. Never's Enough drops a dope 90s beat alongside rhymes loaded with healthy a cynicism of never being satisfied.

Ant from Atmosphere is back on producing duties for the first time since Felt 2, which ties the whole project up neatly. Everything feels easy here, even the grooves are laid back. It just fits. Slug and Murs have such synergy between them, at times its as if one person is holding the mic. With Ant controlling the sound, there's plenty of space for their flow and enough beats to underscore the message of each tack without overworking things.

Felt 4 U shows artists who are not only comfortable with each other, but who don't have to fight their way through to prove anything. For fans this is the album that they've been waiting for.

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