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Dewolff's latest release was recorded on an ancient bit of kit at the back of a bus and at the roadside for under 50 bucks - but does it stand up?

In an age where much of the musical output is so polished even shite glistens like a disco ball, Dewolff have gone back to basics. Armed with an 80s Tascam tape recorder, drum machine, guitar, synth, the band made the album on the road for under 50 Euros.

Their usual 70s inspired groove becomes more apparent when things are stripped back and makes the band more creative with their rhythm and sounds. It Ain't Easy keeps things suitably funky, while a gutsier, scuzzier sound appears on Blood Meridian I and II. Elsewhere there are hints of blues and a nod to funk and soul.

Pablo van de Poel has always had the vocal versatility to display subtitles of emotion, but stepping outside a band setting for Am I Losing My Mind adds another layer of intimacy to his performance.

Freed from the constraints of a studio, Dewollf have become more experimental with their 7th release. Despite being rough around the edges this DIY album has pulled the focus right back to the songs, which is where it should be.


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