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After drip-feeding us tracks for the last 18 months, Collateral are finally releasing their debut album. The band are fearlessly going against the current rock trends, in other words, southern drawls and spitting vocals are out and the poppy, anthemic melodies and glittering vocals you remember from your youth are in.

Mr Big Shot which leads the way for an album that's packed with memorable tracks and sing-along choruses. Their influence from bands like Bon Jovi is evident on Merry Go Round but drummer, Ben Atkinson comes from a metal background which gives the songs more grit that you’d expect.

The de-tour towards country-rock on Midnight Queen and About A Boy is pleasantly surprising and not at all incongruent. Straddling the heavy end of a rock/country cross seems to suit the band and their style.

Angelo Tristan’s vocals soar above the well-crafted melodies and he's got all the right boxes ticked as a charismatic frontman. Their lyrics are sometimes a bit hoaky but can be forgiven because of their enthusiasm and tightness as a band and the production doesn't always show them at their best.

It's not necessarily the knock-out debut we were expecting, but it's strong enough to propel them into the spotlight.


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