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For the 15th anniversary of Chinese Man Records, Chinese Man have teamed up with Baja Frequencia and Scratch Bandits Crew to deliver a mix of trip and hiphop with a sprinkling of electronica.

When this threesome got together, the creativity poured out of their collaboration and in less than two weeks they had composed 18 tracks. Blending together their own unique styles, the trio create a sound that honours the past, present and future of their genre.

The album features No Man, which cleverly reworks Woody Gutherie's Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet giving it a trip-hop meets trad blues feel. The samples continue with Hold Tight that riffs on Dies Irae to give a cinematic feel to the album's opening. The hypnotic throb from The Drop, which was released last year is inspired by the dance scene of the 90s and Beast is Loose takes on a middle eastern vibe, while To The Beat incorporates a vintage Latin riff.

Alongside trippy grooves and carefully layered beats, the fusing of sounds and styles is what makes this album remarkable. The 18 tracks are a strong way to celebrate 15 years and the evolution of Chinese Man Records.


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