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Felix Hagan and The Family are a swirling bag of musical tastes founded by multi instrumentalist, singer and songwriter, Felix Hagan. Defining themselves as 'a seven piece beast made of makeup, hairspray and rock and roll', they blend together rock, pop, punk and deliver it with the razzmatazz and precision of musical theatre. In one fail swoop you'll easily find Queen, The Scissor Sisters and Snow Patrol in their music and if you are a fan of modern musicals you should love them too as their music wouldn't be out of place on a soundtrack.

Formed in London in 2012 the magnificent seven have proved themselves on the festival scene where they have developed a cult status and received plaudits from Ray Davies, Tom Robinson and Frank Turner. The standard of musicianship and songwriting on their current EP, Kiss The Misfits should ensure that they gain some new additions to the family too.

Chance It In The Fire opens with a tantalising hard rock intro that throws you straight into the heart of the track. From the moment Felix's larger than life persona explodes onto the mix you're into the high energy of the band, in the same way you would be if you were watching a live show. His ability and competence as rock vocalist is perfectly explored in this song. Those of you who remember Royworld, will really love Some Kind Of Hero. It has a driving percussion and piano which gallop it's heart, along with some powerful vocals. The lyrics are honest, displaying bravery with a shred of romance and vulnerability but it's the killer chorus that is the money maker for this track. It's so catchy and melodic it's impossible not to fall in love with this wonderfully endearing song.

Get Well City may seem like a up-tempo funky pop track, but underneath it's about recovering from depression and addiction. It's another brave and truthful song from the band, delivered with humour and sublime word-smithery. Eddie Baby is a tender piano based pop ballad again showcasing Felix's expressive vocals and some wonderful theatrical backing vocals.

The title track, is a song for casting aside the ennui and drudgery of every day life and letting go. It's larger than life, fun and a song for all the outsiders and misfits with a unexpected rockabilly middle 8 and a swelling sing along chorus that drives the song to it's gratifying conclusion.

It's very hard not to fall for the charms of Felix Hagan and the Family and their glorious music, it's drilled, bold, camp and bloody fabulous, darling!

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