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ASM's fourth release is conceptual in nature, taking inspiration from the color pallet to determine the sound of each track. In true ASM style, each track is accompanied with detailed instrumentation, that is just as key as the rhymes. The album jumps around the spectrum, playing with styles and sounds in a way that is both experimental, modern, and old school. This may appear contradictory, and like all good art, it is, and that's exactly the point. It would be easy for ASM to make an album that is static, but by allowing the flow of color to lead them, they manage to create something artful.

Grape featuring dancehall legend Cutty Ranks, begins with a head on collision of accordion and boom bap. Champagne follows a late night jazz feel; a vibe picked up in Pine, while Peacock makes clear the concepts of the album and outlines their intentions, while the traditional hip hop feel that runs through every track, solidifies the album in its roots.

Color Wheel is a sophisticated, self referential approach to the genre, that manages to offer something new, rather than just following trends.

Color Wheel is out now-

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