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28th January 2016

Evil Scarecrow has become a cult favourite amongst festival goers, revellers and music lovers alike. When you listen to their songs in isolation their music seems quirky but nothing out of the ordinary; to get the whole experience you have to see them live. When you have, it's not hard to understand why they have attained such popularity with metal fans of all ages. They are just a brilliantly bonkers live band, one of the best you will ever see and they are not afraid to inject some much-needed humour into the rock and metal world, who quite frankly, take themselves a little too seriously these days.

The band play to a packed out Underworld making the show their biggest ever headline gig to date, although frontman Dr Hell is keen to point out that their next show at Nottingham Rock City has outsold this one. Adorned with a pallet of satanic Pierrot make-up and high school level props and costumes, Scarecrow put on a hell of a show.

Expect silly shenanigans and audience participation as they arm themselves with party poppers, a gravity-defying device and plenty of dance moves to create their shoestring stage show. The simplicity is brilliance in itself and the crowd clearly love the charming gimmicks.

Their songs are tongue in cheek and filled with humour from the goth parody Blacken the Everything to the heavy metal version of the macarena, Robototron. Space Dementia, Morbid Witch, The Book Of Doom – featuring the scary Librarian and The Dance Of The Cyclops are all lined up in a fabulously enjoyable set. For an encore, the fan favourite Crabulon had the rammed crowd scuttling around in a euphoric end to a stonking headline show.

Alas, no Thundercats theme this time, despite a few shout outs, but hey it's something for next time; trust me there will be a next time, one Evil Scarecrow show is never enough. They are a total riot and you will love every minute of it.

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