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Summary of the newest song/music video:

"Once upon a time, the Mean Jeans were nice enough to let us play a benefit show with them in Portland for (guitarist) Steve's bachelor party. In 2016, they released Jingles Collection, a collection of Jingles for various brands and products. We wrote a jingle about White Claw, both because we love White Claw, and to pay tribute to a band that did us a real solid. Funny enough, the last time we saw them live, they discussed writing a White Claw jingle. So we hope this pleases them-- and the White Claw drinking public at large!

This is Black Bolt's first music video. For all four of us, this is the first music video we've ever filmed, plotted, or appeared in. Most of us have been playing in bands for 10+ years, but we've never gotten this far before. So, for our first go, we decided to shoot and edit everything ourselves. We filmed in (drummer) Justin's back yard, assembled some friends and animal costumes, and drank a responsible amount of White Claw. We decided to put all of our efforts into the one novelty song on our forthcoming record because it fits our ethos perfectly. We also love White Claw, which our Instagram account is proof enough of."

Helpful Info:

We've played Boise's music festival (which attracts international attention) 4 times

We've shared the stage with bands like Summer Cannibals, Big Ups, Diarrhea Planet, CJ Ramone, Mean Jeans, Meat Wave, Title Fight, See Through Dresses, Problem Daughter, the Dirty Nil, So So Glos, See Through Dresses, Apathy Cycle, and Divers


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