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Macbeth 13th Feb 2014

Aeroplane Flies High may still be an up and coming band, but they already show great promise and have their image and sound well taped. Taking their name from a Smashing Pumpkins album, there are no surprised where the Liverpool Trio draw their influence from, but they also have developed their Thrash and Grunge sound too which makes them a pretty heavy band. Their fuzzy guitar sound matched with fun pop like vocals also gives them a distinctive sound. Their raw sound is powerful and their lyrics are witty and well developed for a young band.

Dressed in blood stained hospital gowns in homage to the video for their latest single Growing, shows that the band are willing to have a bit of a laugh and don't take themselves too seriously. Although testing some new material live is always a challenge, especially for those in the audience new to the bands work, the crowd responded well and I'm sure the band came away with plenty more followers.

Jack Evans (Guitar/Vocals) is a mellow front man who's voice is showcased best in the Grunge influenced songs, but can certainly add a good rock scream in for good measure too! Roanne Wood (Guitar) adds to the power of the thrashing guitar sound and Lewis O'neill (Drums) is certainly a talented rock drummer and makes up for lack of bass guitar in the band. Thrashing about on his drum kit dressed in a hospital gown was reminiscent of Keith Moon's classic visual madcap drum style.

The band were supported at the Macbeth by Red House Glory and This Be The Verse but it was AFH who really stole the show this evening.

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