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28TH September 2019

London's gig scene has suffered in recent years from the closure of small, grass roots venues. Sure the big stages where you can see headliners are thriving, but the stars of tomorrow need somewhere to grow a fan base too. Thankfully boutique gig spots have been springing up over town to try and keep the Capital's rich music scene alive. Hidden away in a nondescript building that houses a nightclub near Archway is Club Kolis, AKA The Lounge, and it's here that three bands showcased their sound at the weekend.

First up were Sons of Liberty who bring their southern rock sound to the triple headlining slot. The band were winners of the Butlin's Giants of Rock Introducing Stage this year, and their dedication to the raw, southern sound, gives them instant appeal.

Piston have been on the live scene since 2012, but only released their debut album earlier this month. Tracks like Rainmaker and Leave If You Dare showcase the band's variety and push vocalist Rob Angelico’s grungy vocals to the fore. A cover of CCR's Proud Mary only enhances their abilities as a really strong live band.

Piston photos by Andras Paul

Collateral, have all the visual rock tropes in place along with the talent and the songs to back it up: any hype you’ve heard is very much real. Their brand of soft rock with an edge, has lead them to be defined as new wave of classic rock. Despite the long hair and eyeliner, these guys are nowhere near Steel Panther territory. Although the Bon Jovi patch on Angelo Tristan's jacket, should give you some indication of the perennial rock sounds Collateral are influenced by.

Apart from looking great on stage, there’s nothing false about their performance or the interplay between them. Lead singer Angelo has charisma in spades, but this is very much a group effort. The band are also able to perform in a small venue like they were commanding a stadium and the energy is palpable between them.

It's a tall order as an unknown band to play songs to people who don't know your music – yet, the band have a knack for writing a killer tune too. Many of their tracks are instantly memorable and you'll find yourself singing along after the first chorus to Lullaby and Midnight Queen. Rosie and Dreaming are also strong songs to look for by a hugely talented young band. About A Boy is another new track about love of music and dreams of being a rock star. After supporting Bon Jovi and preparing to release their eponymous debut album; it won’t be long until those dreams come true.

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