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Danny Bryant- the UK’s answer to Walter Trout- returns with another full scale blues album. That certainly aims to give blues fans what they want. There’s ballads, slide guitar and full throttle blues numbers to lap up.

The opener, Tired of Trying, co written with Trout, is a revved up way to begin and shows a welcome return to form. Too Far Gone continues the incendiary feel with a big band sound. The track is sure to become de rigeuer on live shows. The only downfall here is when Bryant lets rip with a 2 minute solo, it’s frustratingly faded out without reaching its conclusion. Hopefully on live shows the band will just play on. The title track is an ode to music as a form of expression and escapism. It has an All Along the Watchtower feel, and could easily be another terrific live staple.

Bryant has an emotive voice, but still feels a little under confident in places, preferring swing the axe in order to convey more emotion rather than showing off both his talents. The one exception here is Skin and Bone. The revealing song has Bryant picking up an acoustic guitar in a poignant song about the death of his father. If the vocal sounds as if it comes from a different place entirely, it’s probably because emotionally at least, it does. Although the addition of reverb does add a hint of insecurity. Warning Signs (in her eyes) is a nod to Gary Moore and is straight up blues and is another stellar addition to the album. Instrumental Mya puts Bryant back in his comfort zone and has some glorious soloing to end the album, but again the use of fade out leaves us hanging on for more - perhaps that’s the idea.

Groupie rating 4/5

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