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Gone are the punky, guitar heavy band you might recall from the early days, now the Goo Goo Dolls have reworked their sound once more. Sure, they have been moving towards a softer, introspective sound over the last decade but now they could certainly give Keane, Passenger or Bastille a run for their money in the upbeat and catchy stakes. On

album twelve they almost move into a more sophisticated pop sound, the kind territory occupied by the likes of Deacon Blue.

From the jangling piano opening of Indestructible there's this feeling that the album is going to have that special quality. Fearless has a similar vibe with Johnny Rzeznik offering a transcendental and stoic vocal throughout. Money, Fame and Fortune puts a electo folk spin on the important things in life. This is really a thread that runs through the entire album. Lost offers another huge melody, but again there's hope behind the darkness that's hinted at in the lyrics. Life's A Message drives the point home too much that it almost feels supercilious in an album that's jammed with positivity. Things return to form for the last few tracks: the indie anthem Autumn Leaves and Think It Over boasts another uptempo melody line and more of those breezy vocals.

Yes it's on trend, it's poppy, radio friendly, with fewer guitars, but so what? There's enough angst out there, what we need is a Miracle Pill to uplift, revivalist and put some sense into the world – even if it's only for eleven tracks.

Groupie rating 4/5

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