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O2 Academy Islington

The Quireboys are keeping rock n' roll alive on their 30th anniversary world tour. Having had some commercial success with Hey You and 7 O' Clock in the late 80s, the band have maintained a loyal following ever since.

Led by front man Spike, a swivel hipped geezer somewhere between Mark Bolen and Mick Jagger with the voice of Rod Stewart and Axl Rose whose charisma and energy are a huge

part of the bands appeal. They are also blessed with some good musicians too including Paul Guerin and Guy Griffin, two excellent guitar players who help glue the band together and Paul Weir on keys.

After support from The Vargus Blues Band the Quireboys launched into an energetic set from the get go. Spike gave Bruce Dickinson and Freddie Mercury a run for their money in the microphone acrobatics throughout the night. His chit chat with the audience is so effortless and relaxed that the intimate surroundings of the O2 Academy Islington seem more like a pub than a London venue; but this is exactly the vibe we have come to know and love from the band.

Songs such as What Do You Want From Me?Stubborn Kind Of Heart and Troublemaker from from their latest album, Black Eyed Sons, sit alongside classic tracks likeMona Lisa Smiled, Sweet Mary Anne and Too Much Of A Good Thing with ease, blending seamlessly into the set list. Guerin was playing with broken fingers but soldiered on and at times Spikes voice struggled, but he's such a showman that his sincerity carried him through. Even with their tour wounds these British rockers put on a terrific show. The Quireboys are an endearing band with a jovial quality who love rock n roll. You can't help but enjoy and respect what they do and their tenacity for keeping rock alive.

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