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Powerful Euro-pop from Claudia Balla featuring Mané, that challenges our views about our planet's future. Without being alarmist or preachy, it presents the reality of Earth in crisis and simply relies on our humanity to make a much needed change.

Swiss singer/songwriters Claudia Balla and Mané have teamed up to release thought provoking release 'Miracle'.

As relevant as ever, the duet refers to the miracle that humankind would need to save our planet in this current era of climate change. The video deals with the issue in a very profound visual way, without holding back it delivers a very distinct and clear message on where we could be all heading!

This hot topic is a global discussion, and it was following the multiple student protests against climate change that have taken place in 2019, both singers decided it was time to write, record, and release this single.

Claudia Balla, has previously touched the hearts of many with her statement single 'Perfect', and her thought provoking powerful lyrics deal with current issues to help inspire, and with her bell-clear voice and strongly delivered, bittersweet tunes, she sets out every time to captivate the listener.

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