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Spacecake International is a collaboration between guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Orlando “The Don” Lund, from London (The Big Cheese All Stars & Palma Groove Project), and singer Sergio “SirJo” Cocchi, from Milan (Founda©tion). With a host of virtuoso performers their music is best described as "feel good music with a lot of soul."

There's plenty of nods to late 80s and 90s funk and late night jazz on tracks like Starting Up and 2000 years. The big brass sound comes out for The World is Not Waiting and things get really space funky with Two Stars.

The band describe the album as a focus on the human condition, and what it means to be on Earth in 2019. In our troubled modern times there is often so much dissatisfaction and anger that finding a glittery Unicorn would be easier than searching for positivity in a stack of crap. Over the course of the album SPI managed to dig up metaphorical unicorns, leprechauns, mermaids and a host of mythical creatures with their keep calm and carry on approach. This is characterised in the mellow grooves of There's Always Something and YDKWYTA.

Unicorn Street is all about flipping the human condition and seeing things from a different angle so you can enjoy the beauty in life: it's there if you look for it, just like the unicorns. So grab some space cakes and enjoy the ride.

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