Watch the new video from Tally Spear that captures the isolation and buzz of living in a city. And check out some of London's night life too.

”I grew up in the city, and I've never lived anywhere else. It's a strong part of who I am and how I think. Living in London, you're always surrounded by people…by the hustle and bustle of everyone's lives. But you can feel lonely just the same. 'City Girl'

is about feeling detached from the people around you, despite living in one of the most highly populated cities in the world. It's also an ode to independence…”

A lot can change in the space of a year if you simply allow it to. Although Tally Spear released her debut EP, Fade To White, to critical acclaim in the spring of 2018, she knew that something didn’t feel quite right to her. Having attracted nearly 200,000 streams for her single Days Like These, alongside enjoying performances at some notable festivals including Black Deer and VegFest, she decided to take some time out and give her creativity room to breathe.

During the 5 months she spent crafting her new material alongside acclaimed writer/producer Martin Hollis (Adele, Mark Ronson, Tom Walker) at British Grove Studios, Tally went through a musical transition. She took time out from performance, social media and just immersed herself in a journey of self-discovery.

“Something just happened with my taste. I just went through a change of what I was listening to when I was writing. It just became this new sound. I had a very clear vision of what I wanted to do in terms of production.”

With her new material taking inspiration from artists including Alice Merton and Sigrid, her new single is one of great contrasts. While it boasts an addictively forthright hook, the lyrical journey is a poignant tale of detachment and independence. Dressed up as a twisted love story, City Girl is the tale of finding your feet and place within a bustling city.

listen here


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