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Simon Kaviani's debut track is a deeply human, painfully relevant example of music's power to highlight contemporary issues with the hope of making the world a better place.

As one of the UK’s most in-demand rock session musicians, Simon Kaviani has already won plaudits from the likes of Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow; Deep Purple), Eric Martin (Mr Big) and most recently, rock royalty, UFO. But now Don’t Let the Bombs Drop, Daddy is the first release under his own name…and it’s been well worth the wait.

His first single is inspired by growing up with Iranian heritage in Sheffield, remembering how his father told him to tell people he was Italian so as to escape the stigma saying his family came from Iran. Like many, Simon has had to suffer for events which he took no part in, and political rhetoric which demonises so many innocent people. Don’t Let the Bombs Drop, Daddy is Kaviani’s response, an urgent, ferocious, yet no less melodic cry for common sense and compassion to rise above ignorance and bigotry.

Born and raised in Sheffield, though now based in London, Simon Kaviani may have played with some legendary names from the world of classic rock but his own style is strictly 21st Century. With an arsenal of hooks and some blistering fret work, Kaviani is first and foremost a goldmine of talent, from his song-writing of catchy pop/rock songs to his stellar guitar-playing to his immediately engaging, self-deprecating personality.

With his debut track, Kaviani was inspired by images from around the world: from Syria, Palestine and Yemen to name but a few, and set out to write a track which describes how people are demonised because of their background. In Simon’s own experience, being Iranian to many people simply meant “terrorist”. Don’t Let the Bombs Drop, Daddy, is the kind of eloquent, powerful response that politicians seem incapable of. Having recently completed a sell-out UK tour playing on the same stage as UFO, Kaviani is ready to cement his place as one of the country’s most creative rock songwriters and performers.

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