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Rolling Stone describes the music of Daddy Long Legs as“…like Chicago blues fired at the moon, played by the demented children of the Pretty Things” –

and they're not wrong: this is rock and roll through a mesh of old school R & B, and the cherry on top is their fruity modern indie sound. Pink Lemonade could easily pass as The Strokes or White Stripes for its toe tapping drums and out of faze guitar.

They've pretty much invented their own blend of sounds from the founding fathers of American music from Howlin' Wolf and Mississippi John Hurt to the DIY sound of the MC5. Glad Rag Ball has a sound that epitomises late 50s and early 60s blues sounds.

This new sonic interpretation is thanks to producer Jimmy Sutton lending his skill to create this wonderful vintage richness. As the New York trio storm through cajun, blues, rock, gospel and spiritual, they take a walk through America's rich musical past and help shape the future of Americana.

Groupie rating 4/5

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