The new track from Michigan based label, All Dope Beats, is Angel in Blue Eyes taken from JHall's latest EP, North Star. A story of love and loss, faith and self-belief with radio friendly 90s style hip hop beats, and an infectious chorus that just overflows with emotion.

Check out this new track HERE

Well worth checking out his EP too with some fab tracks including Demons!


The industry is changing. Some see it as a rebellion; we see it as a Revolution.

Winter 2019 in Michigan - the birth date and location of a new independent record label that will pay homage to the best of times in music history while keeping its focus wired tightly to the future. The All Dope Beats Label is the brainchild of music industry veterans who share a refreshing and respectful love of music. The result is a progressive, twenty-first century music entertainment company that utilizes cutting-edge Internet strategies, while establishing uncompromising principles. The All Dope Beats roster is broad and diverse, but with a focus as strong and unflinching as the All Dope Beats artists themselves. Check out what’s in store.

Welcome to All Dope Beats: The new dopeness of indie.

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