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Three-piece rock band Pompadour are set to release their second single, ‘Oh, Honey!’ on Friday, 26th April. The track will be available to purchase on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play, as well as available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and other major streaming platforms.

'Oh Honey' is a indie pop rock song that ticks all the boxes: a catchy chorus, uplifting message, great musicality, distinctive vocals and a perfect radio friendly structure. There's a 90s vibe to the song's flow but Tasmin Sayers' vocals are firmly in tune with modern chart music trends. This gives the band a perfect advantage to grab fans from across genres and should ensure them plenty of airplay on a variety of channels.

‘Oh, Honey!’ was recorded and mixed at J&J Studios in Bristol. Pompadour co-produced the single with Nathan Long. It was mastered by Tom Cory, who has also worked on tracks for Adidas, and his own band; Novatines. They both also worked on Pompadour’s last release, “Violet”.


“Oh, Honey is written as a love song of sorts, in whichever capacity that may be,” Sayers explained. “It’s about how the right person can have a big effect on your disposition. In this case, they bring out the fun, kind of crazy side of them.

On the flipside, it could be a love song to themself, and how they love the carefree, energetic part of themselves. They can’t quite summon the energy inside them to be like that all of the time.”


Pompadour was founded in January 2018 after college friends and bandmates, Tamsin Sayers (vocals, bass) and Kearney Day (guitar) left their previous band and created their own project with their best friend from college. After a lineup change in early 2019, Rob Beresford joined Pompadour on drums, adding a whole new dynamic to the band.

The band quickly started playing gigs around Bristol, playing venues such as The Fleece, The Louisiana and The Lanes. In the summer of 2018, Pompadour played on the Discovery Stage at Bristol Harbour Festival and played their first out-of-town show at Nambucca, London. Pompadour have also worked with renowned promotion company, This Feeling, with whom they supported The Seamonsters on their UK tour.

Pompadour released their debut, self-produced track “Absinthe” in June 2018. This was followed by fully fledged debut single, “Violet”, released in Feb 2019, garnering stellar reviews across the board. They received their first national airplay on Planet Rock soon afterwards.


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