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Each era seems to have musical protestations from a brave mistral who is willing to raise their head over the parapet and speak up against the chaos and injustice in the world. From Vietnam to Thatcher, politics is usually at the heart of it. John Fairhurst's latest album is certainly angst-filled. Abrasive and raw from start, the titular opener spares no one and as it throws unrepentant punches to social injustice and bureaucracy. His rich and gravelly baritone spitting out the F-bombs like arrows has never felt more appropriate given the political climate of the UK. Blood and Fire continue the onslaught with a metallic twang.

Equal parts rock and blues the album's fierce percussion comes from Fairhurst's attacking guitar rhythms and Toby Murray's war drums. Hungry Blues continues the protests with a rootsy Americana feel which ties into another of the albums deliciously dark tracks, Lies and a 45. which comments on politics across the pond. John Fairhurst's latest album is a blistering slap in the face for the establishment and should receive an exultant cheer from us mere mortals on the ground. If only musicians ruled the world.

Groupie rating 4/5

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