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When Koncept uses the word "Strong", he is talking both physical and mental. Being strong is having the energy to keep moving forward. It's knowing when to do something, and also when to not. It’s the strength of being able to let someone or something go.

Know when to talk, and when to not say anything at all and just listen. It's important to know how to fight, but also how to chill. Strong is finding patience, balance and peace.

The song was recorded in Seoul, South Korea while Koncept was on tour. Produced by Ray Hill.

The chill, but impactful vibe and lyrics dig into Koncept speaking that even while having success, laughs and fun, there are still challenges that we face along the way that we have to fight through. Some that aren't always present on the outside. He lets us know to stay positive and "we gon' be alright."

Koncept biography

Koncept, the Queens-raised, globe-trotting emcee made a name for himself in the hip-hop mecca, from working at Fat Beats Records to releasing an album through Sony Music, and touring around the world.

Following the release of his groundbreaking underground debut album “Awaken” which included the No1 single “Watch The Sky” that featured Royce da 5'9 and was produced by Marco Polo, Koncept received an endorsement by Red Bull which financed his next EP ‘The Fuel.’

The release showcased a riveting underdog tale told by Koncept filled with ecstatic anticipation for the real-life successes on the horizon.

After this, Koncept flew out to Seoul, South Korea for a two-week tour sponsored by Miller Genuine Draft, and Jameson Whiskey. The performances developed into a series of more shows and bookings, and then a partnership with Sony Music Asia for the release his next album, "14 Hours Ahead".

“14 Hours Ahead” isn't just the time difference between Asia and his home of New York City, but this music is the reflection of envisioning your future and your dreams, and manifesting them into reality. It's learning, growing, and believing in yourself every step of the way.

Koncept is a living example of this.

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