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New band, new sound. The pomp and bombast of their previous albums has been replaced with a more contemporary feel that's not so reliant on echoing the past. Of course, there's still the occasional nod to their influences, but there's a more defined Inglorious sound that comes through on their third album. Their ferocious bite remains intact with Nathan James' jaw-dropping vocals front and center.

The percussion and guitar work is also more complex and layered than before; it's certainly their best album to date regarding musicality. Where Are You Now is an explosive album opener with a classic rock feel, but has the dynamics of a modern rock band that means business. The guitar work towards the end of the track also hints at a more progressive flavour that the band could well employ in the future.

There's more a more cohesive feel too as if the band are playing as a unit, with each member playing their part in a bigger cog, rather than all vying for the top spot. There's still the heavy riffs, but there's a maturity to the work which is in part down to the lyrics. James takes the lead with the lyrics this time, drawing from personal relationships, love and losses. The record is certainly more personal, and it shows in the way he connects with the material. The album's final track is perhaps the most brutally exposing. Glory Days relies on a simple guitar and mandolin accompaniment leaving the vulnerability of the vocal to come through. Queen is an impassioned track that extols James' mum. Its fiery riff and driving tempo speak volumes about family ties as much as the song's sentiment.

Don't think for a moment that they've gone soft just because they are wearing their hearts on their sleeves; the fact that the band trust their fanbase enough to let them see a different side to them is the mark of a group who is prepared to go the distance.

Groupie rating 4/5

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