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Secret Treehouse is a pop band based out of Bergen, Norway. Their name is inspired by escapism and a place that you can retreat to in order to escape reality or trouble.

Fear of Frogs is about the fear of misleading someone you love, and in that way preventing them from achieving their goals. And the feeling of just wanting to run away from it all, because you're afraid you'll end up just doing damage.

The track is taken from their forthcoming album The Big Rewind. The name itself conjures up echoes of the past, and ties into the band's distinctive brand of Scandi-pop. There are plenty of dreamy vocals, flourishes of synths and even some welcome tinges of guitar that keep the track in the realms of live music and not just Garageband. There's a glorious 90s vibe to the track that will take you back to your carefree club days or wherever else you want to run and hide.

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