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Mental health may have become more acceptable to society in recent years, but for those who struggle it's always a battle. The latest EP from Tenth Electric aims to offer some light in the darkness through music that's aimed at connecting with listeners – whatever they may be going through. The four-track EP draws heavily on lead singer Luke's own experiences with mental health; from the lasting impact of a family member being hospitalized because of clinical depression to his own subsequent dealings with the beast. Music and songwriting were able to help him get through his time of isolation and depression.

tenth electric unshakeable album cover

The record begins with the darkness taking hold. Remedy is angry and raw, filled with self-doubt, stigma and loathing. It's an impressive rock song with some outstanding lead vocals that bravely tries to put into words and music the intangible struggles of depression and mental health.

Turn Your Light On carries a profound message behind its electro-rock base. The track reminds us to love ourselves, reach out to somebody if you need help and that ultimately the darkness will lift. These sentiments are echoed in Breathe. This track shows a heavier, darker side with distorted vocals and scuzzy guitars as the protagonist battles with his thoughts and emotions before releasing them. It's defiant in its message and tone and offers another peek at the band's musical diversity. The album bookends perfectly with Brighter's uplifting riff, reminding us to enjoy the little things in life. The band have taken us on an emotional journey in four tracks when many bands would take an entire album. It would be easy to offer a bleak, Morrisey-esqe outlook on life, but offers messages of hope and empowerment delivered by one a band that is a promising new talent and well worth keeping an eye on.

Groupie Rating 4/5

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