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Following on from last year's full length release, The Herron Brothers have teased us with a stocking filler by way of their new EP. Despite the obvious comparisons with vocal harmony and family groups, The Herron Brothers have always managed to carve themselves a niche of quirky, well crafted and perfectly executed alt-pop. The EP plays with sounds and styles, perhaps hinting of a broader musical theme to come, and shows them being a little more adventurous than before. Take Bent Umbrella as an example, the track's bossa nova feel mixed with a Hollies vibe (particularly reminiscent of Bus Stop) gives it a delicious earworm quality. Dead Fish ramps up the delicious blood harmonies while Hamstrung returns to more traditional sound for the band. But fear not Barry Szechuan strikes out left of field, with an upbeat electro lead track. Even though it's only 4 tracks long, the Brothers have loaded up some of their best harmonies and instrumentation to date, and once again proving that they are impossible to fence in.

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