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Blackpool punk rockers The Senton Bombs follow on from their acclaimed 2016 album, Mass Vendetta, with another record that seethes attitude and infectious melodies. Originally breaking onto the scene in 2004 as The Terrorists, the band quickly gathered plenty of positive press and a solid fan base. A name change and several line up changes later and the bombs have started to get the wider recognition they deserve. Outsiders feels as though the band are making a play for the big time. Their sound is certainly lighter and more commercial, but the rebel heart still remains.

The title track boasts a sing-a-long chorus that the band delivers with aplomb. Who We Are continues the celebration of all things alternative with a Ramones kick and a Green Day ear for a melody. Violet Black and Wake the Maker are examples of their heavier overtones with a nod to sneering 80s metal that you'll find throughout. The vintage, less angst ridden vibe also makes a returns in the fabulously rockabilly Bury the Hatchet.

Joey Class's vocal is also more versatile on this record, able to be both melodious and commanding. Damien Kage and Johnny Gibbons duel guitar work helps to propel the album's broader sound while Scott Mason's powerhouse drum work is the backbone of the album.

Outsiders may not be as edgy as their previous work, but the band have proved their abilities to pen a catchy tune and create some fiery licks that pack a punch. They may see themselves as outsiders, but with a track record of releasing quality material the Bombs have certainly made some great progress towards rock's inner circle with this album.

Groupie Rating 4/5

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