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For fans of The Dresden Dolls and lo fi music, take a listen to the world of fake news and the crazy modern world through the sounds of The Crow Family.

Hailing from the fertile musical plains of South East London, The Crow Family met at music college, but their musicianship is there to serve the song, not vice versa.

Combining up-beat guitar driven pop with a sense of the sinister, the new single places two beloved TV presenters at the heart of a wicked government department, whose anodyne output keeps us compliant and under control. If you’re for a female vocal to deliver laid back understatement followed by a rousing chorus, look no further than Connie Chatwin.

‘A cool pop rock tune…….Rock fans will love the classic lines, pop fans the danceability and everyone who cares about the future of music will get behind the message’. A&R Factory

Their songs may skip between classic rock, indie pop and jazz inflected acoustic ballads, but they are united by a love of strong melody and storytelling. Lush strings and vocal harmonies offer engaging and unexpected changes of colour. Lyrics addressing issues such as America’s love affair with guns, religion and today’s fame hungry youth may make uncomfortable listening for some, but these guys aren’t scared of saying how it is!

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