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Teksti – TV 666 billing themselves as “your new favourite band” might sound hubristic, but as they bash out their own brand of progressive Scandi-punk you can't help but fall for their guitar laden charm. Fluctuating between quasi experimental, punk, indie, metal and industrial there's something here for everyone, which makes them quite appealing from the get go. Their latest EP is once again performed in their native Finnish, but who gives a jot if you can't understand the lyrics, it was hard to make out what Johnny Rotten was saying most of the time too. Their latest EP Aidattu Tulevaisuus is all about creating tonal mood. There may be more guitars on display than a Fender showroom, but the band know when to hold back and when to crank it up. The darkness and light on the album along with decipherable melodies give them extra appeal.

Turbo-Mondeo lays out an eerie soundscape of cinematic chords before propelling forward into a hypnotic undulation of rhythm. It's a track that wouldn't be out of place in a film montage with miles of blackened highway and a discordant mid section that would be at home in a David Lynch movie. The title track, roughly translated as Trust In The Future has the mesmeric beat and defiant melody of early 80s bands like The Cult and Jesus and Mary Chain. Rauhankone falls straight into Sabbath's Iron Man territory with a thunderous symphony of guitars only topped by Serverny's torrent of sound. There may be comparisons to be made with other bands, but their unique fusion of styles will certainly mark them out as a band to add to your playlist.

Groupie Rating 3/5

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