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Buckle up for a furious ride, German rockers Motorjesus have souped-up their sound for their fifth album. Race To Resurrection is every bit as exciting as an F1 race, and just as varied. Despite lineup changes, their full-throttle tone remains. Vocalist Chris Brix says 'the vehicle's still the same, but we've done some fine-tuning to make sure that it wins the upcoming races.' If the band were, in fact, a vehicle they'd be a relentless, dirty diesel juggernaut like something from Duel or Death Race 2000 – and certainly not environmentally friendly. Producer Dan Swanö is once again along for the ride guiding their sound in the right direction. From the gutsy opener Tales From The Wrecking Ball it's clear that the band have fused together a variety of genre sounds to attract new fans and please the faithful.

motorJesus Race To Ressurrection

On riff-heavy tracks like King Collider, Casket Days and Burning Black they've managed to craft an album that's perfect for driving in the fast lane. As much as they can burn some rubber, this is a record that isn't afraid to cruise along either. More tempered tracks like Re-Ignite and The Infernal give the band depth and show that are not just metal petrol heads. As with most German engineering, the band are a reliable and a well-oiled machine that feels as though they could run and run.

Groupie Rating 4/5

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