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It’s clear from their new single, Her, that Seawaves have a love of for the cinematic. Her has a dynamic energy and postive message that would not look out of place in a soundtrack. It’s a track from Manchester duo that smacks of sophisticated synth pop.

SEAWAVES blend elements of electronic, indie rock and pop to craft a sound which is filled with precision, impact and emotion. Hailing from Manchester, UK the duo is vocalist Si Van Brussel and co-writer Daniel Benjamin. The two united through analogous life experiences and the mutual appreciation of the emotional perceptions obtained within dreams. Sharing the desire to reflect those feelings into both audio and visual form, the pair created SEAWAVES and have since had their music placed on numerous film, TV and commercials worldwide by blockbuster brands such as Walt Disney Pictures, Mercedes-Benz, Sony, The Olympics and many more. SEAWAVES are now ready to take their music to further heights, with the release of their second LP entitled The Soundtrack, which will be the first instalment of a three-part trilogy album.

Lead single ‘Adventures’ is the ultimate feel good anthem. Featuring warm guitars and twinkling synthesisers, uplifting lyricism and catchy choral backing vocals, the single is quite literally the perfect soundtrack for an “adventure”. The importance of crafting a sound which is entirely authentic is essential to the duo, “Our music is very personal to us, which is why it’s only us two creating it. Our songs are pretty much us in a form people can connect to” reveals Benjamin.

‘Her’ showcases the duo’s dynamic dreamlike sensibilities, combining ethereal soundscapes with ambient grooves and unshakable melodies. It’s captivating beats and inspiring lyrics make for an instant mood booster! Van Brussel and Benjamin seek to create music which is equally powerful through it’s sonic elements as it is visually. Benjamin explains, “Our music is very visual based. Usually when we’re writing, we’re imagining. It’s almost impossible to write without having a theme or image in your head”.

In 2017 SEAWAVES signed with USA publishing companies Luna Music Group and North Star Media. After the success of their debut LP The Motion Picture, the duo released a cover of U2’s ‘With or Without You’ which garnered over half a million plays across Spotify and Soundcloud, whilst catching the attention of Spotify curators. SEAWAVES collaborated with New Wave artist Timecop1983 on singles ‘Lovers’ and ‘Girl’ which hit over two million plays combined across Spotify and YouTube.

Inspired by life and the limitless power of the imagination, SEAWAVES use music to transport you into their world. The Soundtrack is due for release spring 2018.

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